With digital marketing becoming a critical aspect of E-commerce, Facebook Video Ads have emerged as a useful and effective tool to promote products, and services, and capture your target audience. But to use Facebook ads to the fullest can be difficult so here are tips and tricks that will help your business optimize your Facebook video ads best practices.

Quickly Grab The Audience’s Attention

Facebook Video Ads Best Practices

Since people frequently have short attention spans, your video ads should pique their interest within the first three seconds by crafting an eye-catching headline, attention-grabbing tagline, or intriguing thumbnail.

Capture the user’s interest in the first few seconds, and there’s a greater chance they’ll watch the entire advertisement and become a convert.

Use Short Videos

Facebook Video Ads Best Practices

Due to their short attention spans, most users attempt to avoid and ignore lengthy video advertisements. These ads need to be brief if your business wants to leave an impression because shorter videos typically have better conversion rates.

A 30-second video ad is ideal as you don’t want to interfere with viewers’ Facebook experiences or turn them off from your goods. Longer videos can be made if necessary, although short movies are preferable most of the time.

Try to Tell a Story

Facebook Video Ads Best Practices

An online business’s advertisement should convey a relatable, interesting story and show its product as the answer to a problem that your target market is experiencing.

This is especially crucial if you’re just introducing yourself to the public and your marketing goal is brand awareness. Stand out by telling a captivating narrative and being sincere at all times.

Use Social Proof

Facebook Video Ads Best Practices

Although Social proof is a traditional element of advertising, it is especially useful in the digital landscape due to how your product can be shared and communicated between various people quickly.

After all, People are more inclined to recommend your product to their friends if they like it more. Therefore, to increase trust and boost your conversion rate, it’s a good idea to incorporate some user-generated content (UGC), reviews, customer testimonials, or PR awards in your advertisement.

Try out Recent Trends

Facebook Video Ads Best Practices

On the internet, becoming trending is an effective way to gain a larger audience which then opens up your potential target audience.

By taking advantage of a new trend could help your business attract more viewers and produce a more interesting video. At the same time, it is important to be careful of what kind of trend or content your business will upload since the possibility of it backfiring or attracting a different kind of outcome can occur.

Use Sounds But Don’t Rely On It

Facebook Video Ads Best Practices

Adding sounds to your Facebook video ads can also be an effective means to attract more viewer’s attention and engagement.

With the use of sound, your business can effectively share your business message and keep viewers interested. To do this it is important to choose non-copyrighted music or create your own to avoid copyright at the same time.

At the same time, the sound shouldn’t be the centerpiece but rather a supporting element of your video ads.


Overall, there are other means to effectively promote your business but mastering Facebook ads is by far the most successful and cost-effective due to the reach that Facebook offers.

To help you, several tips and tricks have been raised. Although there are others out there, these tips will help your online business to gain the most from your Facebook video ads.

By understanding and applying these tips, businesses can effectively reach their target audience, drive engagement, and ultimately boost conversions, solidifying their presence and success on Facebook.