Etsy has become a powerhouse for creative entrepreneurs, offering a platform to showcase and sell handmade, vintage, and unique items. With millions of sellers and even more buyers, standing out can seem like a daunting task. However, with the right strategies and mindset, you can significantly increase your sales on Etsy. So, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into actionable tips on how to get sales on Etsy.


1. Start with Stellar Product Photography

First impressions matter, especially online. Your product photos are the first thing potential buyers will see, so make them count! Also, invest time in capturing high-quality images that accurately represent your products. Here are some tips:

  • Use natural light: Natural light brings out the true colors and details of your products. Avoid harsh shadows by shooting during the golden hour.
  • Use a clean, clutter-free background: A simple background will make your products stand out and look more professional.
  • Showcase multiple angles: Provide a 360-degree view of your products to give buyers a better understanding of what they’re purchasing.
  • Edit for clarity: Use photo editing software to enhance brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Also, ensure that the colors are true to life.

2. Optimize Your Etsy SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just for websites; it’s crucial for Etsy too. Additionally, optimizing your listings will help them rank higher in Etsy’s search results, making them more visible to potential buyers. Here’s how to do it:

  • Keyword Research: Identify relevant keywords that potential buyers might use to find products like yours. Moreover, use tools like Etsy’s search bar, Google’s Keyword Planner, or other SEO tools to discover popular keywords.
  • Title: Incorporate your primary keywords naturally into your product titles. Keep it descriptive and concise.
  • Tags: Use all 13 tags available for each listing. Include both broad and specific tags related to your product.
  • Description: Write a detailed and engaging product description that incorporates your keywords naturally. Highlight the benefits and unique features of your products.
  • Attributes: Fill out all attributes relevant to your product, such as size, color, and material. Then, this will help Etsy’s algorithm better understand and categorize your listings.
How to Get Sales on Etsy

3. Offer Exceptional Customer Service

Outstanding customer service can set you apart from competitors and encourage repeat business. So, here are some ways to provide exceptional customer service:

  • Prompt Responses: Respond to customer inquiries and messages promptly, preferably within 24 hours.
  • Clear Communication: Clearly communicate shipping times, policies, and any other important information to customers.
  • Personal Touch: Add a handwritten thank-you note or a small freebie with each order. This simple gesture can leave a lasting impression on customers.
  • Resolve Issues Quickly: If a customer has an issue or complaint, address it promptly and professionally. Also, offer solutions and make things right to ensure customer satisfaction.

4. Price Your Products Competitively

Pricing can be a delicate balance. You want to price your products competitively to attract buyers while ensuring you’re still making a profit. Research similar products on Etsy to get an idea of the market rate, and consider the following factors when pricing your products:

  • Cost of Materials: Calculate the cost of materials used to make each product.
  • Labor Costs: Estimate the time spent on creating each product and factor in your hourly rate.
  • Overheads: Consider other business expenses like Etsy fees, shipping costs, and packaging materials.
  • Profit Margin: Decide on a reasonable profit margin that aligns with your business goals.
How to Get Sales on Etsy

5. Promote Your Shop

Don’t wait for customers to find you; actively promote your Etsy shop to reach a wider audience. So, here are some effective ways to promote your shop:

  • Social Media: Utilize platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok to showcase your products and interact with potential customers.
  • Email Marketing: Build an email list and send out regular newsletters with updates, promotions, and new product launches.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Collaborate with influencers, bloggers, or other Etsy sellers to reach a larger audience.
  • Paid Advertising: Consider investing in Etsy ads or Google ads to boost your shop’s visibility.

6. Stay Active and Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to running a successful Etsy shop. Also, regularly updating your shop with new products, restocking best-sellers, and staying active in your shop can help keep buyers engaged and coming back for more.

  • List New Products: Regularly introduce new products to keep your shop fresh and exciting.
  • Update Listings: Update product photos, descriptions, and SEO keywords as needed to stay relevant and competitive.
  • Engage with Customers: Interact with customers by responding to reviews, thanking them for purchases, and encouraging them to leave feedback.
How to Get Sales on Etsy


Growing your sales on Etsy requires a combination of quality products, effective marketing strategies, and exceptional customer service. Lastly, by implementing the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can set your Etsy shop up for success and start seeing an increase in sales. Remember, patience and persistence are key; building a successful Etsy business takes time, effort, and dedication. So, stay passionate about your products, continuously learn and adapt, and you’ll be on your way to achieving your sales goals on Etsy!