Over time, the landscape of software and tools for Amazon sellers has evolved significantly.

Thanks to technological progress and the emergence of AI, a wide array of applications, services, and tools designed specifically for Amazon sellers have emerged to support the creation of a thriving Amazon FBA business.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top tools for Amazon sellers that are essential for launching, operating, and expanding your Amazon enterprise.

Helium 10

amazon seller analytics tools

Helium 10 stands out as a comprehensive toolset for Amazon FBA sellers, boasting robust capabilities for product sourcing and effective listing optimization through its advanced algorithms. This tool empowers sellers to find Private Label products, enhance their listings, and run both manual and automated PPC campaigns leveraging high-volume keywords generated by its Magnet tool. Its prowess in keyword ranking is unmatched, offering features like reverse ASIN lookup and a wide range of keyword search options and filters. It even includes a keyword extractor to identify commonly misspelled search terms in your campaigns. Beyond these features, Helium 10 enables you to sift through millions of products across various categories with its Black Box tool, while Trendster offers insights into product sales trends, seasonality, and demand. Additionally, the XRay tool provides essential data such as revenue estimates and pricing, making it an indispensable resource for Amazon sellers aiming to optimize their sales and marketing strategies.

Jungle Scout

amazon seller analytics tools

Being Jungle Scout, it’s natural for us to highlight our comprehensive suite of tools! Since 2015, Jungle Scout has been at the forefront of developing sophisticated tools for Amazon sellers, making our name almost synonymous with Amazon selling. In fact, based on our State of the Amazon Seller Report, a significant 65% of sellers rely on Jungle Scout for operating or overseeing their Amazon ventures. This is largely due to the fact that Jungle Scout offers a one-stop solution for Amazon FBA selling, including AI-powered tools, product and keyword research capabilities, sales analytics, inventory management, supplier discovery, and a whole lot more.


KEEPA Amazon best tool

Keepa is another highly regarded tool among Amazon sellers, functioning similarly to the Jungle Scout Extension. It embeds a graph directly onto Amazon product listing pages, showcasing historical data including Best Sellers Rank, average price, number of sellers, and other pertinent information.

This tool proves invaluable for conducting product research, allowing sellers to track the performance of competing products over time. It’s especially favored by those involved in retail arbitrage and wholesale reselling, as the insights into average BSR and price are crucial for making informed decisions about which products to resell.


Camel Amazon best tools

CamelCamelCamel offers a free tracking service for Amazon prices, catering to both sellers and consumers alike. Similar to Keepa, this tool is particularly useful for those in private label, retail arbitrage, and wholesale, as it monitors and reports on pricing trends. This tracking capability is key for maintaining competitiveness in the market, especially crucial when launching new products.


AMZ Best amazon tools

AMZScout is a tool designed for Amazon FBA sellers aiming to kick-start their online business. It helps users find products that are in high demand but face low competition, and it provides access to a vast database of suppliers both locally and internationally. Additionally, AMZScout helps in discovering both popular and yet-to-be-discovered keywords for products. One of its notable features is the ability to track product sales data across different seasonal periods, offering valuable insights for strategic planning. Moreover, AMZScout includes an Amazon FBA Calculator as a Chrome Extension, allowing sellers to effortlessly calculate all FBA fees. This feature aids in making well-informed decisions about the profitability and viability of selling a specific product.


Alibaba Amazon Best tool

Alibaba After finding a great product you’re excited to sell on Amazon, the next step is sourcing it. Alibaba is a fantastic option for this, acting as the business-to-business counterpart to Amazon, primarily focused on connecting businesses with suppliers and manufacturers. Offering direct access to a global network of thousands of suppliers and manufacturers, Alibaba stands as a trusted platform for sourcing products. The platform has a history as extensive as Amazon’s, with a rigorous vetting process for every manufacturer listed, ensuring reliability and quality for its users.

Supplier Database

Best amazon tools

You have the flexibility to initiate your manufacturer search with Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database or use it to verify the credibility of a manufacturer you’ve discovered on Alibaba. The Supplier Database offers a window into actual import data for suppliers that have shipped products to the United States, providing an added layer of transparency by allowing you to see the names of their customers. This feature not only aids in assessing the reliability of suppliers but also gives you insight into your competitors’ supply chains, revealing who they rely on for manufacturing their products.


Flexport Best amazon Tool

Once you’ve secured a deal with your supplier, the next step involves managing the logistics of importing your product. This is where a logistics company like Flexport comes into play. Flexport specializes in finding the most competitive shipping rates and assists with the complexities of customs, tariffs, and the myriad details involved in importing goods from overseas. Their expertise ensures that the process of bringing your products into the country is as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

Amazon Forecast


Amazon Forecast is a cutting-edge AWS machine learning tool that provides precise business forecasts for metrics like financial performance, product demand, and resource needs. It simplifies forecasting with a three-step process: uploading data, creating predictors, and generating forecasts. As an FBA seller, you provide historical data and any relevant information (e.g., seasonal demand), and Amazon Forecast leverages machine learning to deliver forecasts that are 50% more accurate than traditional methods. For those looking to further automate demand planning, Forum’s Crystal application, an Amazon-approved tool, uses machine learning to help you decide how much inventory to buy, making it an essential tool for sellers managing significant sales volumes.

Blend Express


As your Amazon FBA brand grows, you may consider tapping into international markets. Given Amazon’s presence across almost every continent, this expansion can significantly widen your customer base. However, entering new markets often requires translating your product listings and landing pages to suit local languages. This is where Blend Express comes in handy. It offers a fast and efficient service to get all your product copy and essential information translated and market-ready for any Amazon marketplace worldwide. This step is crucial for ensuring your products resonate with local audiences and comply with regional marketplace requirements.


All in all, navigating the Amazon selling landscape requires leveraging the right mix of tools and services to ensure success in a highly competitive market.

Leveraging these tools effectively can provide sellers with the insights and efficiency needed to thrive on Amazon. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, staying informed and adaptable with these tools will be key to maintaining a competitive edge and achieving long-term success on Amazon.