In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, the relevance of effective advertising strategies has never been more pronounced. With the surge in online shopping, businesses are increasingly turning to platforms like Google Ads to capture consumer attention. Understanding Google Ads bidding strategies becomes paramount in this scenario. Each strategy serves distinct objectives, whether it’s boosting sales, increasing website traffic, or enhancing brand exposure. To gain knowledge concerning Google ads bidding, this article will explore five best bidding strategy for Google Ads that Online businesses should know about.

What is Google Ads Bidding?

When we talk about “bidding” on Google Ads, this refers to the process advertisers go through to have their ads shown to other users.

Bidding essentially dictates what you’re willing to spend per click or number of views for an ad and there are multiple different “bidding options” that determine how you want to do that. 

Google Ads works as an auction-based marketplace. While multiple factors impact ranking, one of those factors is a strong bid. 

Target CPA (cost per acquisition)

Best Bidding Strategy For Google Ads

In this highly favored strategy, you direct Google to focus on your actual acquisition costs or specific actions like clicks, signups, or purchases. It’s particularly effective for generating leads and achieving set targets. 

Here are the key benefits of CPA bidding: 

  • Firstly, you can seamlessly configure your campaigns to prioritize conversions, be it signups or app downloads, within your daily budget. 
  • Secondly, leveraging data from conversion tracking, the algorithm optimizes conversions while reducing costs and avoiding unproductive clicks. 

However, it’s essential to allocate sufficient funds for this method to gather valuable insights for improvement. Typically, it requires a budget roughly double your CPA target.

Increase conversions to the maximum

Best Bidding Strategy For Google Ads

Regardless of the cost per action, or CPA, the maximize conversions bidding method aims to maximize the number of conversions within the campaign budget limit. Google will modify bids based on how well its computers forecast which clicks will result in conversions.

This is a great choice for brands operating on a tight budget and for campaigns that want to increase the conversion rate and have conversion tracking enabled.

You will obtain more conversions with this bidding option, but not always at the best price. The reason is that the Google AdWords algorithm may overspend on your daily budget because it seeks to target the most likely buyers.

Optimize the conversion rate

Best Bidding Strategy For Google Ads

The goal of this approach is to maximize conversion value while staying within the campaign budget. In contrast to maximizing conversions, this optimizes for conversion value rather than the total number of conversions.

Google will therefore aim for audiences likely to purchase valuable products rather than audiences likely to make a purchase.

Use caution when implementing this method as it may force Google to overspend on advertising, increase the cost of conversions, and reduce your return on advertising investment.

Maximize clicks

The goal of this method is to maximize the number of ad clicks while staying within your campaign budget.  If you want to reach new audiences or obtain additional data and your conversion rate is strong, this is a great bid choice to use. 

It’s also a very effective strategy to increase website or landing page traffic. Make sure your entire budget isn’t devoted to this tactic and keep an eye on your conversion rates and return on advertising spend (ROAS) as the clicks you receive with this bidding choice may not always be the most valuable.

Maximize CPV (cost per view)

Best Bidding Strategy For Google Ads

One tactic for those looking to increase exposure through YouTube video campaigns is to maximize CPV bidding. You will be charged for views, but if a user chooses to skip the video, you won’t be charged.

This approach is a good choice if you want to reach a larger audience because it is typically fairly inexpensive. Still, using a CPV bidding technique will result in few, if any, conversions.


In conclusion, mastering Google Ads bidding strategies is pivotal for thriving in the digital marketplace. By aligning your advertising goals with the right bidding approach, you can amplify your online presence, drive conversions, and elevate your brand’s success. 

Whether it’s targeting specific cost per action with Target CPA bidding or maximizing clicks with Maximize Clicks, each strategy offers unique benefits tailored to your objectives. Continuous monitoring and optimization are key to ensuring your campaigns remain effective and competitive. 

As e-commerce continues to flourish, staying abreast of evolving advertising tactics will empower businesses to stay ahead and flourish in the dynamic online landscape.