With advertising becoming an important part of online selling, Amazon tried to fill in the need with its Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) for the online businesses within the platform to advertise their products.

Although it has been renamed to Amazon Advertising Console, many marketers still refer to it as AMS. It’s a set of Amazon ads tools that help sellers run and manage their ads and includes Sponsored Products Ads, Headline Search Ads (aka Amazon Sponsored Brands), and Amazon Display Ads.

To guide you, this article will break down the use of AMS, its various types, and how these ads work.

What Is Possible with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

Amazon Marketing Services

With Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Online retailers and marketers may design, oversee, and improve ad campaigns that show up on product detail pages, search results, and other places on the Amazon platform with AMS. 

Ad campaigns can also be customized with AMS based on a range of factors, including product category, budget, location, keywords, and customer interests.

Additionally, AMS offers comprehensive reporting tools that let marketers and online companies track performance indicators like impressions and clicks, making it simple to assess the effectiveness of each campaign and make any adjustments. With the use of this data, one may monitor consumer behavior over time, pinpoint highly effective phrases, and maximize campaign efficiency and return on investment.

Examples of Ads from AMS

Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon Marketing Services

Product display ads, also known as sponsored product ads, are one of the more conventional forms of ads that may be created with AMS. These kinds of adverts are often brief, text-based Amazon advertisements. 

The way these operate is that the types of advertising that are presented are dependent on cookies that monitor the customer’s interests, their search history, and even whether or not they are Prime members. These are then displayed on various pages based on specific keywords.

These advertisements are best suited for companies who wish to increase brand awareness among their target demographic or generate immediate purchases because they typically feature images or videos as their main content.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Amazon Marketing Services

When consumers search for particular keywords, sponsored adverts known as Sponsored Brand adverts (formerly known as Headline Search Ads) show up at the top of the search results. These advertisement units feature several products, their prices, and a high rating in addition to a logo and a personalized headline.

When consumers are shopping, Sponsored Brand Ads assist you in raising product awareness.

Video Ads

Amazon Marketing Services

With the modern capabilities of websites and devices, the use of video ads on web pages or inserts to videos is quite popular for many businesses. There are two categories of these kinds of advertisements: ordinary video ads that are displayed for products in the same way as a typical product ad, and Amazon OTT video commercials.

These video ads may come as brief snippets that are displayed in video streams, usually on connected TVs, TV channels, Amazon Freevee, Twitch, and network broadcaster applications.

These advertisements allow online merchants and advertisers to target consumers according to their search history and interests. They are intended to draw in customers with a straightforward yet impactful message, enabling Amazon sellers to broaden their audience and boost brand awareness.

Amazon DSP

Amazon Marketing Services

Advertisers and brands can purchase advertising programmatically on the Demand Side Platform (DSP) of Amazon. online sellers and advertisers can design personalized ad campaigns based on their objectives and target market thanks to its access to hundreds of websites and mobile apps.

DSP advertisements can be shown on and off of Amazon. They can be image-based, video-based, or audio-based.


Overall, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a powerful and useful tool that allows online businesses and marketers to create tailored ad campaigns to resonate with their target audience, drive brand visibility, and ultimately boost sales.

With the range of advertisements that it could create, from Sponsored product ads to Video Ads and Amazon DSP, online businesses gain the ability to make advertisement campaigns and strategies that connect them with their customers.

In the end, as the digital landscape evolves, leveraging Amazon Advertising remains paramount for staying competitive and thriving in the online marketplace.