With technology and the internet opening up a new frontier for many, a new market was opened for many who seek fortune and glory. From this new venture, E-Commerce emerged various brands such as Amazon paving the way. Although new, this new online market still has functions similar to traditional commerce, being an advertisement. To fulfill the needs of many online businesses, various brands of software emerged to assist them in creating and spreading their advertisements. This article will break down various Amazon Advertising software.


Amazon Advertising Software

Powered by AI, Sellozo is an advertising platform that offers free services where businesses can experience optimized advertisement campaigns based on experts in the field and AI.

As an advertisement software, Sellozo offers its user’s bid optimization, keyword discovery, campaign and ad launch automation, negative keyword automation, dayparting, and more.

Another feature by Sellozo is the Drag-and-drop Campaign Studio where users can strategize, plan, and improve their advertising strategy with tools made specifically for online businesses that use Amazon.

Additionally, Sellozo provides easy keyword management on multiple ad campaigns, pre-made templates, algorithm and machine learning-based search term/keyword research tools, and modeling tools with a visual interface.

Skai (Kenosho)

Amazon Advertising Software

Designed for the management and optimization of ad campaigns, Skai is an ad campaign software for Amazon, Google, and Bing. What makes it special is its features that allow users to make custom rules in managing ad campaigns.

Also, Skai’s main feature is the number of experimental and automated programs to try and test out various advertising strategies or improve their current advertising campaign.

Overall, Skai can be useful software, especially in knowing which ad is working and which is not, at the same time making real-time adjustments to further improve these ads.


Amazon Advertising Software

Although it does not offer automated features, Smartscout provides users with critical data for them to identify new opportunities as well as make data-driven decisions in improving and developing their ad campaigns.

This can be seen with how Smartscout allows its users to monitor and observe their competitor’s advertising strategies, campaigns, and keywords they are targeting. This allows Smartscout users to learn and gain a competitive advantage, find niches, and improve their strategies.

At the same time, Smart Scout offers market analysis by granting the users data on which products are ranking over time as well as keyword conversion rates. This allows users to learn about vital trends and patterns of their target consumers so that specific and effective campaigns grant the user perhaps an improvement in sales and conversion rate.


Amazon Advertising Software

Designed to create and manage Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns in Amazon, Perpetua is a software that grants the user features such as keyword research, bid management, and ad optimization.

The user interface of Perpetua is made to be simple to use, with straightforward navigation and instructions that make it easy for users to achieve their objectives. Additionally, the solution provides features made especially for scaling video ads, like the capacity to build and oversee sponsored video campaigns and monitor ad performance.


Overall, with the E-commerce market becoming a major player in the commercial market, it is inevitable that brands will emerge that are specifically made to fulfill the advertising needs of various online businesses.

From this need various brands emerged from Sellozo which offers AI-assisted services, Smartscout’s analytic features, and Perpetua’s PPC managing abilities.

Nevertheless, as long as the need to promote products or services or even the desire to gain the edge in this new frontier, more advertising software will emerge.