Are you curious what Amazon Brand Registry, and how it works?

One of the many challenges of building a brand from the ground up is to protect it against intellectual property issues. This concern is particularly felt among online sellers, who may face trademark problems.

If you are part of the said community, Amazon understands your worries. Amazon has introduced an exclusive program that legitimizes and safeguards your brand against trademark issues. If you are an unregistered seller on Amazon, it is advisable to consider registering your brand under the Amazon Brand Registry.

What Is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program created to help sellers protect their brands. A brand that is verified under the said program also opens a range of tools and services that allow owners to have full ownership and control.

To sum it up, it enables sellers and owners to do the following:

  • Protect their products by providing measures against infringing listings and counterfeit.
  • Effectively manage their product listings with better control over images and written content.
  • Further improve customer experience by providing accurate product details.

Who Is Eligible to Enroll?

To enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry program and enjoy its benefits, your brand must be an active and fully registered trademark. This means that your brand must have an active image or text-based trademark in each country where you plan to sell and enroll in the program.

If you do not have a fully registered trademark yet, you can apply with a pending trademark instead. You can apply for Amazon IP Accelerator or any trademark office of your choice.

Note that Amazon Brand Registry may consider pending registrations under specific trademark offices. It’s important to ensure that your brand is fully registered and meets all the necessary requirements before enrolling in the program.

How to Enroll?

It is easy to register to Amazon Brand Registry. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you.

  • Step 1: In your browser, type the URL for Amazon Brand Registry. Then, sign in using your Seller Central credentials.
  • Step 2: Sign in into your newly created account and click the “Enroll a Brand” button.
  • Step 3: Under the “Brand Information” section, enter all details then select you trademark office and the trademark serial number.
  • Step 4: Upon verification of your trademark, upload your brand’s logo. Then, under the “Product Information” section, upload another photo that shows your brand name or logo.
  • Step 5: Confirm whether you are a vendor, a seller, or both. Then, choose the product categories that you sell and provide the distribution and manufacturing information.
  • Step 6: Submit your application.

Upon submission, you will receive a verification code from Amazon to complete the enrollment.

The Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Registering your brand under Amazon Brand Registry offers a suite of benefits designed to protect and enhance your brand on Amazon:

  1. Proactive and automated protections. Upon verification, Amazon Brand Registry activates proactive protections that stop bad listings to prevent intellectual property infringement.

    It also offers automated protections using an AI system that implements predictive protections and block potential violations before it negatively impacts your brand.
  • Brand registry support and neutral patent evaluation. The program also aids concerning technical problems, listing issues, and policy violations. It grants verified sellers and owners an access to a faster yet less expensive alternative to court settlements for handling patent disputes.
  • A+ content access and content control. It enables owners to create enhanced content for product listings, and further enhance customer engagement and conversion rates. It gives you control over your product listings too.


In conclusion, Amazon Brand Registry stands as a sentinel, safeguarding the essence of your brand’s identity in the bustling marketplace of Amazon. It’s not just about protection; it’s about empowerment, providing the tools and insights to elevate your brand’s presence and customer experience. With its robust suite of services, from proactive infringement measures to enhanced content creation, the Brand Registry is an indispensable ally for any brand looking to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. As we’ve explored its myriad benefits, it’s clear that enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry is a strategic move for brand owners aiming for success on a global scale. It’s more than a program—it’s a commitment to excellence and authenticity in every customer interaction.